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Third Thursday Book Club: The Book of Joan


An inventive, brilliant retelling of the story of Joan of Arc by bestselling author Lydia Yuknavitch (The Small Backs of Children). In her first foray into sci-fi, Yuknavitch sets her novel in a near-future dystopia, where most of the remaining humans have fled a radioactive, violent world to live on CIEL, a platform hovering above the earth and sucking the remainder of its resources. Joan is a child warrior still trying to save a ravaged world and free it from the grip of a despot. Christine Pizan (whose namesake wrote a tribute to the real Joan during her lifetime) is one of the elite, sexless survivors on CIEL who burns the rebel's story into her flesh. This novel balks categories; it is an ambitious, smart, literary, fantastical genre-and-gender bender that moves through time and space. A lot to talk about!

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