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Pittsburgh Writers for Migrant Justice: Sousa, Friend, Shirazi, Ramírez

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On Wednesday, September 4th, writers across the United States will hold a series of protest readings "Writers for Migrant Justice" in over 45 cities. The reading collective, organized by Christopher Soto, Javier Zamora, Jan-Henry Gray and Anni Li hopes to raise $5,000 for Immigrant Families Together, a volunteer network that actively works to pay bail set for detained migrants, reunite families and help families rebuild and recover from trauma after being released from detention. In addition, Writers for Migrant Justice hopes to raise an additional $500 at each protest reading being held across the country.

Please join us at the all-Latinx Pittsburgh chapter of Writers for Migrant Justice as we rally together in our insistence that migration is not a crime. Pittsburgh-based writers Malcolm Friend, Tanya Shirazi, Adriana Ramírez and Kim Sousa will be holding space together and collectively represent the diaspora from Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.